How to answer “What is your experience with remote work and virtual teams?” with sample answers

Even if everyone works in the same space, there’s no guarantee that relationships will form equally! And I suspect it’s human nature to reach for external factors when trying to understand why we weren’t selected for a promotion. When I started working remotely for Khan Academy, I rented an office at WeWork. It ticked a bunch of boxes, but ultimately it wasn’t the right fit. It was also kinda dreary—they keep their lights dim, so there’s a perpetual 7pm vibe.

tell us about your experience in a work from home environment

Below are 16 questions you’ll likely be asked in a virtual interview for a remote job, plus our advice on how to respond and sample answer. Be sure to check out our guides on how to use the STAR method and how to find a remote job and get hired as well. The goal of this blog post was to share my experiences as a remote worker, with the hope that it provides a bit of clarity around whether or not remote work could be a good fit for you. And it’s a hard question to answer, since “remote work” can mean so many different things.

What Are The 15 Most Common Work From Home Interview Questions?

Do you help facilitate a successful interview through attention to the allotted time and by bringing prepared questions? This signals initiative.” Finding ways to demonstrate these traits throughout the interview process “will make you a significantly stronger candidate,” Leech says. So spend some time reflecting on how you’d like to answer these questions, then ask a friend to join you on a video chat to practice your responses. Working remotely means that sometimes you’re going to feel a bit…remote. So when you run into roadblocks, you’ll need to be resourceful.

Developing my own work routine and having a dedicated workspace allows me to focus more when working and to switch off during my lunch break and after work. “I am naturally an early riser and working at home allows me to start work earlier. This makes it possible for me to get a lot more done as I can make significant progress before I need to start participating in meetings or responding to communications. Many remote work from home experience Agile teams find that story points are better at measuring the difficulty, risk and uncertainty of a task, resulting in far more accurate estimates than using time or hours. With vetted job listings, helpful articles, and a user-friendly dashboard that keeps you organized, FlexJobs became a powerful tool. Obviously, when you work from home, you’re not around as many people in contrast to working in an office setting.

How to answer

One of the benefits and challenges of remote work is having more control over your time. There’s no one sitting next to you to make sure you’re working, so it’s crucial that you’re organized and able to prioritize your tasks. You’ll want to list out the tools and technology you’ve used in the past, and if you really want to stand out be prepared to explain how and why your team used them. Think about the tradeoffs you made when picking them, what could be improved, and how you leveraged them to build in more space for deep work. Chances are you won’t have experience with all the tools they use and that’s fine.

Once you have tested all of the setups, try to persuade a friend to give you a mock interview. This dry run will provide valuable feedback and should help you feel more confident. You don’t want to show up late because Zoom or Skype took longer than expected to open and then start apologizing, before the audio connection is fully established. The first thing you should do, if at all possible, is become familiar with the software you need to use.

Example Answer #2

When you don’t have the benefit of working at the same time as your colleagues, you need to learn to be communicate async. Preparing for a remote job interview is similar to preparing for an in-person interview. Just as you would prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions, you should prepare answers for work-from-home interview questions too. Plan ahead and prepare with these 13 common remote job interview questions. What you might not realize is that this question isn’t just a regular “get to know you better” question.

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