Who We Are?

CV. Mandiri Kopi or MANCAFE is one of well known Indonesian coffee producers in Medan North Sumatra. We directly source green coffee beans from coffee farmers and growers, the green coffee beans are professionally and well processed in order to be prepared to export quality to United State of America (USA), European Countries and Asia.

Being focused on providing and serving the finest green coffee beans and keep on sustainable customer relationship. We are highly committed to top rank coffee quality, customer satisfactionpunctual delivery and shipment.

Besides, we have been in a mutual relationship with local coffee famers and coffee growers as well as our customers, and also keep on complying with coffee quality standard. Supporting by highly innovated coffee machineries and increasing living income and assets of our coffee farmers and growers are also our company’s values.

To distribute and sell coffee from coffee farmers and growers domestically and also to trade or export coffee overseas countries.

To become a strategic partner in Arabica and Robusta Coffee Business and a long-term supplier for both Coffee industries in Indonesia.

Our Certification

What We Provide?

Gayo Arabica

Coffee with high toned and light body, notes of chocolaty, sugar brown, herb, malt, pine, vegetal, fruity and earthy can show well in the cup. The coffees grow in Takengon District and Bener Meriah District, Province of Aceh, Indonesia

Sumatra Dolok Sanggul

One of the best coffee in Sumatra with aroma caramel, sweet, pleasant, spicy, mild, long sweet, complexity, and clean even cup. Farmers grow this coffee in Humbang Hasundutan District, North Sumatra Indonesia.

Sumatra Mandheling

Coffee with cupping notes spicy, floral, herbal, complex flavor, mild, good balance, honeyed, corn sweet, lemony, bright acidity ,low acidity and nutty. The coffees grow in Pakantan Sub District, Mandailing Natal District North Sumatra, Indonesia

Wild Luwak Gayo

Green coffee beans are from free, wild Luwak (Civet) droppings taken by coffee framers or growers early in the morning around coffee farms with cupping notes aroma and slightly earthy, with various flavors.


Robusta varian of Coffee with cupping notes medium body bold, chocolaty, soft, clean cup nice after taste, bitter and higher caffein, which grows mostly 600- 800 MASL. Our robusta are picked from various location according to customer request.

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